Friday, September 28, 2012

"What Happens When You Forget to Start Up the Right Brain"

By Maya Hennessey

I begin my Women, Trauma & Recovery Seminar series group every week by guiding the ladies through Sandra Rodman’s Right Brain Start Up exercise from Right Brain Aerobics.  Last week had an interesting thing happen in the group. I forgot and launched into the experiential exercise I’d selected for that day. 

We were part way into our topic for that day, and two of the women were bogged down, having trouble with the opening exercise, when one of them said, “Maya you didn't start with RBA start up.”  I then guided them through Right Brain Start Up and both got unstuck, and the group was an amazing success. I was on the verge of berating myself for forgetting – but my next thought was how great it was for these women (and me) to see the difference between using Right Brain Start Up and not...

I'm a very experienced facilitator, and without Right Brain Aerobics I'd have gone to a variety of variations on that technique to bring the group in sync, but RBA did it in a heartbeat. And they talked about it. Several of the ladies are doing it at least once a day, a few others more than once. But that experience got them talking about doing it more than once a day, and before other things they do.  Instead of my having to sell the use of it, they got the lesson through that experience. Once again, experiential wins. Which is the thesis of my life's work: that experiential exercises “rock” when it comes to growing in personal power, knowing the answers are within.  There is no failure, only feedback, in human communication.  

Right Brain Aerobics ignited and empowered our creative brains to lead the way. 

By Maya Hennessey

Try the "Right Brain Start Up" exercise from Right Brain Aerobics for yourself.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Welcome to Right Brain Counseling...


We will explore dialogue, questions and issues, viewpoints and blogs about empowering trainees/clients to access inner “genius” guidance reaching higher levels of intelligence, self-perception, multiple-sensory awareness and intuition, new creative-innovative paths for transformed self-improvement.  

We want to discuss higher levels of success, new approaches to increasing enthusiasm and agile mental acumen/creativity, to reduce burn out, transform current loss of inspiration, having more ways to express creative inspiration in the counseling fields for greater success. 

We want to welcome your comments and encourage you to contribute ideas, stories, and even submit blogs on the subject of Right Brain Counseling...

This blogsite focuses on applications of Right Brain Aerobics and right brain thinking to counseling and increased achievements in personal development.  Presentations, sample exercises, class schedules are online at  See also Right Brain Blogs at

"With Right Brain Aerobics, the inner genius of each individual as well as the collective genius of everyone in the organization will surprise and delight with amazing ideas and dreams previously thought impossible. Brainstorming sessions have resulted in samplings of how ping-ponging off each other’s ideas takes teams to higher places faster." -- Maya Hennessey, Maya Hennessey & Associates, author, "If Only I'd Had This Caregiving Book." November 2004, Counselor Magazine named Maya as one of the top 60 woman making a difference.

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